Thursday, April 5, 2012

Seriously, need to get caught up here - 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!

Hi! I am finally ready to start posting again! *is lazy*

Bit of a picture dump as I'm getting caught up on Luna Jubilee's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge here. Enjoy! Credits at the bottom of post.



Picture 1 - Dandelion
Truly, The Sea Hole has been a blessing to me while doing this challenge. Feeling extremely elegent in this dress, I can say! 
Dress - Nouveau Silk Dress - Dandelion by The Sea Hole
Picture 2 - Avocado
Just hanging out in my bikini from Miel! FUN!
Bikini - So Retro Dots: avocado by Miel
Picture 3 - Aquarmarine
Went simple with this picture and decided to highlight these Aquamarine eyes from SHAPE ME and this cute Cupcake dress I got from Bitter Bunnies Design as a hunt gift.
Picture 4 - St. Patrick's Blue
Something cute and froofy from Schadenfreude! This lovely dress and stockings just rock, especially with pda's Gangplank Oddment poser from Collabor88 in the background! This was one of the harder colors to find, btw!
Picture 5 - Tea Green
So, again me and my poser showing off this cool Green Tea outfit by Ni! Kaylin (found it on the MP here.)
All photos:
Hair - You say tomato by Clawtooth
Shape - *Jascha* by anna
Skin - Femboy Darkness 4A by Aphrodite Skin & Shape
Bracelet - Entangled: Bicolor bracelete by B!ASTA

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