Sunday, April 15, 2012

52 Weeks of Color - Bright Turquoise

Finally caught up, yeah!!!!

This is another marketplace find that I feel in love with and is relatively cheap at $175L. I love the way the orange just brings out the turquoise and I love the style of it and I love how it fits me and... :D Well, I just love it!


See previous posts for hair, skin, and shape info.

Top ~ Tally Orange and Turquoise shirt by Leri Miles Designs
Bottom ~ Zippered pocket unisex jeans by Shadowmoon
Shoes ~ Basic Sandals turquoise by CC Design (You can only see the tops of them but they are 10L on the marketplace so I had to share!)


  1. i agree the orange shirt makes the turquoise an eyecatcher.. your top picture is very bright!!