Sunday, April 15, 2012

52 W.O.C Challenge - Royal Purple

I'm on vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances* Seven whole days where I don't have to do anything other then what I want. *dances again* Btw, my priestess Wysteriah, did get her mount. yeah!!!

Okay, here's last week's challenge. Next post will be for this week's entry. I REALLY love this harem outfit! It works so well for femboy! Gives the illusion of girliness (see the hint of cleavage) and hides the boy bits! :P 


Shape - Jascha by anna (old faithful by now! Visit anna's she rules!)
Hair - Anita by EMO-tions (freebie)
Outfit - Kajira purple Kira Silks by Creative Chaos (this is one of my FAVE places in SL, btw!! Lots of great stuff at affordable prices!)
Pose - Ulan Bator by pda (purchased at Collarbor88)

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