Saturday, February 11, 2012

it ain't easy being...

well, just about anything. :D

I realized I've not posted in a few days and I'm still stuck as to what to put out for the 52 weeks of color challenge. But it's been fun looking.

I'm thinking of the following, which is a Alexohol mesh dress with a funky hair style from Vanity hair (everything else if from last week's post), but I'm not's sorta blah.

It's not easy being a boy in a girl's world. :P

Got my taxes done this past week and now all my bills are caught up. *dances*

In a completely unrelated note, to my previously unrelated note, am I the only one in SecondLife who's home is a sky island with a home-made studio for taking photos and a random pose stand?

I've tried the house thing *hides folder* but it's not been good for me in taking photos. Also, I can't make up my mind what look I'm going for so I end up putting every thing in my inventory anyways. Doesn't stop me from buying stuff for a home though, I've noticed. There's just too much out there that I go, "hmmm, self, we need that." Even if we don't. :D

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