Sunday, February 5, 2012

52 Weeks of Color: Alice Blue

I had a much, much easier time with this week's challenge then last week's challenge. I actually have been waiting so I can show off this cute cardigan I found while searching the market place!


Hair ~ A420 hair by Tram
Eyes ~ Silver Clockwork Eyes - Grey by Frick
Jewelry ~ Leather Tassel earrings by bellballs essentials
Underwear ~ Alice Blue Lingerie by Rezlpsa Loc
Tattoo ~ No Drama Zone 2 by Delusions 
Top ~ Carter Cardigan by W&B
Bottom ~ Sequined abalone gigi shorts by Kunglers 
Shoes ~ Happy Flats by H.O.C.
Pose ~ Gift pose by Tram

As usual, skin and shape info listed in prior posts.


  1. Aw you almost could have used the blog banner!
    Cute cardi!

    1. Thank you! I hadn't even realized that about the banner until you pointed it out. :D

  2. Yes, the banner was perfect for this week :)
    Lovely work

  3. at first glace i thought the banner was your picture for this week...That banner pictures is electric alice blue ))) love the cardigan on the other picture