Monday, June 18, 2012

Close up time!

Dressed up last night as I did the more fem then boi look. :P

House - Inverse, inside ~ Unique
Skin - DAMNED ~ Special Collection N10
Eyes - ShapeMe Shapes ~ Aquamarine eyes
Hair - Clawtooth ~ You say tomato
Outfit - TrendStyle ~ Sexy and Glamorous Mini Dress (pink)

The house is SO awesome and the best 249L I've spent. Inside Inverse has some fabulous creations but this house takes the cake! Especially as it includes all the furniture, including the bed, and is all under 60 prims!

The outfit is a hunt gift...I think. :) I really can't remember if it is or not but I feel so "The Bomb" when I wear it!

The skin is from DAMNED, which I love with the light of hundreds of fiery suns, while the hair is my beloved Clawtooth's you say tomato, which has yet to NOT work with anything I've got on.

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